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Sarah Kempe 14th of June 2013 by editor 14th of June 2013
Into the White (Perdidos en la nieve)

A film preview by Sarah Kempe

Into the White (Perdidos en la nieve) takes place in World War Two, and tells the story of two Englishmen—Gunner Robert Smith (played by Rupert Grint) and Captain Charles Davenport (Lachlan Nieboer), and three Germans—Sergeant Wolfgang Strunk (Stig Henrik Hoff), with officers Horst Schopis (Florian Lukas) and Joseph Schwartz (David Kross).
            The war is in full swing when two planes, one from the Luftwaffe and one from the RAF, crash in the winter landscape of Norway. Independently, the crews try to find shelter because of the sub-zero temperatures, and an incredible fight for survival begins. The Germans establish themselves a deserted hut, where shortly afterwards the two Englishmen arrive. Initially, the Germans take the English as prisoners, as the prevailing rules of conflict predominate, with the idea of victory still taking first place. However, as the struggle for survival becomes harder, and conversation breaks down the barriers between the men, they all begin to realize that survival is only possible through cooperation, especially as one German—Joseph—was injured in the crash.
            The movie, directed by Peter Næss and based on a true story, is not just about the war, but encompasses comradeship, human understanding and the will to survive, and these aspects draw the airmen together. The strength of Into the White is the excellent script, which shows how prejudice and contempt can be overcome, resulting in acceptance and even friendship. The conversations between the characters frequently relate to the history and demands of the conflict, but also extend to their lives, and life, beyond the realms of the war. Each character holds his own moral concepts, presenting interesting variations on the paths they should take. Although most of the action and tense discussions take part in the confines of the hut, the spectacular Norwegian scenery is captured impressively. However, it is also a film which does not hesitate to show cruelty amidst the changing emotions of the struggle, resulting in a deeply moving and exciting tale.

Perdidos en la nieve will be released on 12 July

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