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Monday 10th of December 2018
Vicky Knill 13th of June 2013 by editor 13th of June 2013
Masters of Horror

The recent Nocturna Festival presented two episodes from “Masters of Horror”, a TV series where each show was directed by a different famous horror name, such as John Landis or Joe Dante, writes Vicky Knill. The two in the Nocturna double bill were directed by series producer Mick Garris, who also received the Master of Fantasy Award.

Masters of Horror: Chocolate

Lonely Jamie (Henry Thomas) wakes up one morning tasting chocolate. “Good for him,” I hear you cry, although the problem is that he hasn’t eaten any chocolate at all. At first, he puts it down to his diet and wishful thinking, but then he slowly realises that he is starting to experience someone else’s senses; those of a woman he has never met. What she eats, he tastes; what she sees, he sees; what she touches, he feels. Without meeting her, he falls desperately in love and tries to track her down. While some would say this is not a horror theme in the classic sense, it is undoubtedly a strong and creepy idea. Mick Garris (an interview with whom you will find on the InMadrid website soon) claims that one scene in particular made one of his fellow directors wince. Therefore, it must be a justifiable as a horror show.


Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs

Rob (Tyron Leitso), a struggling novelist, finds himself moving into Highberger House, a place which rents out rooms to unpublished writers. In this pit of squalor and broken dreams, he settles down to write his novel. But strange sounds in the walls and on the staircase keep distracting him, leading him to investigate them. And then the visions start. The other tenants claim he’s crazy and that they hear nothing; but do they know more than they are letting on? This ghost story is more of a classic horror than Chocolate (above), but you can still see Garris’s sense of humour coming through in the script. It’s an episode that’s well worth viewing, but maybe not late at night, alone, in a creaky house.

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