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Monday 10th of December 2018
Jeff Wiseman 13th of February 2013 by editor 13th of February 2013
"because I float when I'm at your side"; photo: flickr, jdsmith1021
Top ten crisis Valentine’s presents

Believe it or not, you can avoid expensive gifts on 14 February. After all, it’s not the cost, but what the gift means that really counts. So InMadrid thinks the justification for the following might just work:

1. An empty box of matches. Why empty? Because your flame for your beloved will never stop burning.

2. An old spoon―to signify that your loved one feeds your desires.

3. A pen that doesn’t work―because no written words can truly express your love.

4. A non-biodegradable plastic bag―to illustrate that your love will last forever.

5. A small plastic hand mirror, with no glass―because nothing can truly reflect the beauty of your sweetheart.

6. An old key―so that only your beloved can unlock your heart.

7. An empty CD case―because no music can represent the strength of your romance.

8. A worn-out pair of shoes―to show you’ve walked a million miles to be with him/her.

9. A small rubber duck―because you feel as if you’re floating when you’re by his/her side.

10. A photo of Chelsea’s Torres―to show that you’ll never score with anyone else again... (That’s enough cheap gifts―Editor)

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