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Madrid City in English
Monday 10th of December 2018


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Jeff Wiseman pays a visit to the Swagat Indian
restaurant in barrio Salamanca

uses a well-earned lunch break to check out one of Madrid’s best-loved vegetarian restaurants

What’s the difference between jamón Serrano and jamón Iberíco? What does a PGS label mean? And why is that jamón twice the price of the one next to it? investigates

visits Madrid’s Balzac restaurant, where seasonal treats await

tries a new menu at Restaurante Amayra, which looks to pair food and wine exquisitely

finds sought-after Wagyu beef at Madrid’s Pecado Carnal restaurant

You have to be brave to try to introduce British food to the Spanish market, but some expats have risen to the challenge, as Jeff Wiseman finds out from Madrid’s pie- and sausage-makers

At last you can buy a good tea bag in Madrid, and it doesn't have a silly name.