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Madrid City in English
Monday 10th of December 2018
23rd of July 2012 by admin 3rd of December 2012
On the fiddle in Madrid

A quick profile and video spot of Madrid-based avant garde traditional Irish fiddle player, composer and musicologist, Eoghan Neff

Eoghan arrived in Madrid whilst touring as first violin with the Riverdance phenomenon, featuring Irish music and dance with performers from Spain, Russia, North America, and Eastern Europe. Whilst touring with the show he met his future wife, Spanish flamenco soloist Rebeca Mateos Morante. Rebeca is known in Madrid for her work with artists such as Elvira Andrés and Antonio Gades. Both Eoghan and Rebeca continued to tour and advance their academic careers in musicology, philosophy and psychology of dance respectively before settling in Madrid in 2009 with their daughter, Nóra.


Professional Info:
Eoghan Neff is an award-winning Irish fiddle player and musicologist living in Madrid. He has toured and recorded to critical acclaim with prestigious productions such as Riverdance, The London Metropolitan Orchestra, NeffBros, Assembly Point, Amalgamare, and Anxo Lorenzo. He has collaborated with composers such as Guillaume Roussel and Atli Örvarsson on films by the renowned directors Olivier Dahan and Kevin Macdonald (an Oscar winner). His eclectic discography comprises traditional music, free improvisation, soundtracks, and fusion. He holds a PhD in musicology as well as first class honours MA and BMus degrees, and is regularly invited to international university symposiums and conservatory conferences.

Eoghanʼs "convulsing fiddle traces shadows where few fiddlers deign venture" (Irish  Times). On his début solo album, 'Week One', Eoghan works exclusively with the acoustic fiddle, deconstructing and reconstructing traditional melodies by combining elements of free improvisation, progressive ergonomics, and the avant-garde. Recording and looping selected segments of the same performance live, Eoghan builds up a symphony of idiosyncratic sounds and virtuosic lines – "alien but intriguing" (Irish Times) – all from the one instrument.

Contact info:
info [at] eoghanneff [dot] com
tel. (+34)634110031

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Wow, I love this. Is he

Guest's picture

Wow, I love this. Is he playing anywhere in Madrid soon?