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Monday 10th of December 2018
Jeff Wiseman 1302 31st of January 2013 by editor 18th of March 2013
Cristina Pedroche
Going places

Madrileña actress, model, and presenter Cristina Pedroche is about to head to the Dominican Republic to cover the Ron Barceló Desalia music festival. Jeff Wiseman finds out more about her traits, tastes and... tortoise

She’s twice been a cover girl for FHM, the first under the title “The sexiest girl on TV”, and the second whilst seemingly being drenched under a light shower of water. If the second occasion was chilly, it certainly didn’t eliminate her smile, which even now is warm, wide and illuminates a room. In preparation for covering the week-long Ron Barceló Desalia music festival later this month, every Friday on Los 40 Principàles early morning radio show Anda Ya, she’s currently hosting the Ron Barceló Vive Ahora spot, but all the attention at present and during the last two or three years certainly hasn’t sapped her boundless energy.
    “I’m very wrapped up in the radio programmes,” begins Cristina, “They were a challenge for me because I’d never done radio before, but if I’m honest, I think it’s going well. I feel very comfortable, there’s freedom to do what you want, and I have a great time.” With experiencing so much music, her ‘tips for the top’ in 2013 are difficult to pin down, but there are one or two groups that have caught her attention. “A lot of the emerging talent and groups sound great, like Ruidoblanco for example, but if I had to choose only one, then I’d have to go for Supersubmarina, who are wonderful, and a group to look out for in the next few years!”
Stage by stage
It was the acting bug that she caught first, and which she remembers from her teens. “When I was small, I wanted to be a Disney star,” she giggles. She started work with a small role in an episode of the wonderfully named Spanish TV series Sin tetas no hay paraíso (There’s No Paradise Without Tits—which, let’s be honest, makes Dallas or Coronation Street sound a little dull). Perhaps she immediately bowled over the casting director, as she’s credited as playing an “Apparition”. “My attention has always been drawn to the world of TV and acting,” she continues. “I did a couple of courses, but the truth is that I’ve been very lucky to have worked on two successful programmes, Sé lo que hicisteis and Otra movida, but the best thing of all was the great companions and friends that I made in those series.”
    In addition to the FHM covers, Cristina’s looks have never failed to capture the public’s gaze, and last year she was nominated for the Cuerpo del año (Body of the Year) prize by the fans of the Neox television channel. Before any sexism cries are heard, the other contenders included footballer Sergio Ramos, actress Paula Echevarría and the eventual winner, singer David Bustamante. But how does she feel about that sort of attention? “Because it’s saying ‘guapa’ (beautiful) it’s always nice and a compliment, although beauty is very relative. Any individual may appear very pretty to some people yet less so to others. The most important thing is to be beautiful on the inside—at least that’s what I attempt.”

On Twitter, Cristina regularly comments about her love of movies, but some of her favourites may counter expectations. “Fight Club, Serendipity, Toy Story 3, Wall-e, Pequeñas mentiras sin importancias (the French movie Les petits mouchoirs) and Melancolía.” What about James Bond? Would he be her type of man? “My kind of man is someone more sensitive,” she laughs, “I want a prince!”
    Equally curious last December was a tweet when she mentioned losing her tortoise, who’s called Baba. Is Baba back? “He still hasn’t appeared!” says Cristina, “I hope that he’s in a nice warm place and when the spring comes, he’ll return. My hope is the last thing I’ll lose.”

Home and away
Having been born and raised in Entrevías, a district in the barrio of Puente de Vallecas, she’s always been a fan of the local football team, Rayo Vallecano, who are currently enjoying a successful season, sitting in the top half of La Liga. “I belong to Vallecas,” she explains, “so if you like the soccer, and you are from there, you have to support the club. It’s almost an obligation.” Romance may not play the biggest part in football, but she seems keen to enhance that aspect of the game. “There is no better team than my Rayo,” she grins, “humble, without big pretensions, reaching its goals little by little. The whole world should be like that, not just soccer.”
    The New Year has brought resolutions and more exciting work opportunities. “I always have the best of intentions with resolutions, such as to be more organised, but some weeks it works, and others it doesn’t!” She’ll need to be organised later this month as she heads off for the Ron Barceló Desalia music festival, which takes place in the Dominican Republic’s beach resort of Punta Cana. It’s seven nights of music, entertainment, sun, sea, and sand, with Calvin Harris, Alesso, Wally López, Luigii Nieto, Miguel Lara and Nalaya set to perform. Her objective is to report on the best stories that the partygoers have to offer.
    “The most difficult thing will be finding the time to sleep!” she confesses. “It’s going to be a unique experience, sharing it with friends, and I’ve already begun the countdown. The festival has a subheading of Vive ahora (Live now) because you have to make the most of everything until the final minute: regret nothing!”

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