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Madrid City in English
Saturday 19th of January 2019

Present your business to our growing audience of native and non-native English speakers, both those in Madrid and those planning to come here to study, work or on holiday. InMadrid offers a range of advertising and promotional options to suit all budgets.


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InMadrid Advertising Rates

Ad type
All ads appear on all article pages.
They share space with other 
site-wide ads, so may appear 
on alternate page loads.
Ad sample
Click to open

Sitewide ad price
This is the base monthly price.
See right column for discounts.

Top of page.
Ensure your ad
appears on every
page-load in the
top part of the
page. This is a
monthly fee.

Infopage with
map and links.
This is a one-time fee.

Prices and payment
Options for basic sitewide ads.
All campaigns are pre-paid.
Mini 1 column
200px width by 75px height
CLICK for a sample


+€5+€156 months: €120
12 months: €192
Standard 1 column
200px width by 140px height
CLICK for a sample


+€5+€153 months: €94
6 months: €178
12 months: €294
Double height 1 column
200px width by 290px height
CLICK for a sample€60+€5+€151 month: €60
3 months: €162
6 months: €306
12 months: €504
2 column (Gold Sponsor)
340px width by 244px height
Click for a sample€140+€5+€151 month: €140
3 months: €378
6 months: €714
12 months: €1176

4 column (Platinum Sponsor)
Comes with a standard 1 column
double height sitewide ad included.
694px width by 244px height

CLICK for a sample

€199+€5+€151 month: €199
3 months: €537

Work Offer Ads

These are rotated on the front page and also listed on our Jobs page. 55 +IVA / month.

It's recommended to boost this ad on Facebook for maximum reach. We post the ad to our facebook page and pay Facebook to increase its reach.

€55 / month

or €75 / month with boost

Service listings

Service listings are free. Fill in the details about your English-speaking service or business HERE
If you would like to promote your service to the top of the list and include an information page with photos
and a map and contact form, this costs €70 / year.

Basic: FREE
Premium: €70 / year


  All prices shown are plus IVA at 21%


Click here to contact us now and we'll help you put your campaign together.